My name is Duncan Scrymgeour and I teach English, Social Studies, and General Science at the middle and high school level in Southern California. I came to teaching after a career in healthcare, following a passion that although had stretched throughout my entire life, I didn’t steer toward until I’d reached the middle. I graduated with a degree in Religious Studies from UCLA and returned for a Masters in Public Health. I received my teaching certification from California State University, Northridge.

On a property with two pianos and no television, I live with my partner and my extended family surrounded by one of last working orange groves in the San Fernando Valley. Here, in a space filled with painting and music, I live in a print-making studio, along with a community art school, three musicians, a character actor, five cats, a raccoon, coyotes, and the occasional desert tortoise.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found out about this, well thank for sharing hooker, but I found ya, I did Blanche, I did. Now I have so much to catch up on…your command of the language is still the stuff of a mind I love. I never know what to think of you,.. Still Our lady Sinner Saint of the Immaculate complexity, covered in purple glitter.

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