Sitting. Still?

A: I’m going to be real honest with you, this sucks 100% no good thing about this at all, I want school to start back already.I hate this online stuff because I can’t keep up with all the new assignments my teachers are posting daily, maybe because all my energy is gone for no reason and i hate reading off a book or web page to learn but I guess I better start loving it real soon or i know what i’m doing for summer. Not only that but we still have these real smart educated lovely people GOING OUTSIDE FOR NO DAMN REASON. If you’re still going out right now stop. You’re not cool or fun or different, you’re just ruining other peoples’ fun by spreading it and causing the quarantine to last longer because they can’t go out when a family member has an underlying disease or old age. I also mildly hate my siblings now and may or may not be considering getting quarantined for some alone time (i know i just contradicted myself) . Also wash your hands it goes a long way.

Today I woke up early, took a cold shower for about an hour, just having shower thoughts, thinking about all this about the corona-virus happening in our country. For the last 2 weeks i have been in isolation attempting to have minimal contact with those around me, exception was a day i went to the groceries and about 4 days ago when i went the hospital for x-rays on my left shoulder. So far today I have been on social media, for much of the day, but around 10, I decided to work on some spanish homework and for my history class. I miss going to school as hard as it is in class, it seems harder at home. I have been contact with my friends but have felt a missing presence of socialism in my daily life. A new life of mine full of boredness and non-activity based. I wish i could also start working out with my weights but I am prevented due to my injury. I just ate an hour ago which was a piece of bread and milk which i have basically been eating in order to preserve as much food as possible in case of emergency. I have been watching tv more than ever in my life and throughout the day I don’t know how to release all the energy i have and end up staying up late for no reason.

K: I can’t wait to go back to school again. I really miss seeing the people in my classes, my friends during lunch, and hanging out in the ROTC room after school. I didn’t think I’d miss seeing people this much, but it’s probably contributed to by the fact that I still have a lot of schoolwork to do. I don’t dislike writing this journal though, I like being able to get my thoughts out somewhere where they can be read by someone. My train of thought just crashed into the station, so I’ll probably end this entry here. See ya tomorrow (honestly, probably not tomorrow whoops).

Song of the day: Love Me Dead – Ludo