“Today doesn’t feel much like a Friday…”

Voice No. 1
Today doesn’t feel much like a Friday. These past days have been off and I’m sure anyone can agree to that. Today should have been a regular day at school. Talking to your friends about teenager stuff instead we are stuck at home dwelling on how we could have enjoyed high school more. Thinking about all the things we could have done differently if we knew it would get to this. Anyways my day is just starting. I went to sleep around 12am and woke up at 10am, ate breakfast and cleaned my room. Now I’m here staring at my laptop. Hopefully today the world can receive some good news. I think we all need a break. I have to go to work today and there are so many things that we are changing to take extra precautions. It’s sad to see what we have gotten to. Yet we still have loads of people cramped up in the building buying loads of wings. 

Voice No. 2:

Today I woke up at like 12, I didn’t really plan on waking up late. The only reason I woke up late is because I stayed up till like 3:30 playing with my homie. They’re moments that I treasure because we weren’t even playing at that point; we set our controllers down and we just talked about life. We’re both car enthusiasts so we started talking about making a car crew when we’re older and making stickers, hats, and jackets maybe. Once we got off I thought over the whole thing, once we go off into college there won’t be many nights like that anymore. When I woke up today I felt so lazy mainly because I had to do homework. On the brightside I only have one left to do.

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