Life in the Time of Corona: A Year We Could Keep Our Promises…

Voice No. 1:

I kind of lost track of time in the midst of our current situation, but I believe it’s my second week of being in quarantine and it seems to me that as we go deeper into the year of 2020 everything seems to just be getting worse. Yesterday I received the news that our annual senior prom was cancelled. Cancelled! Although I realize that in dealing with this pandemic they’re going to be things that are out of administration’s control I could still feel raging anger from the top of my wavy black hair all the way down to my feet’s ten toes. I mean come on now, administration really couldn’t postpone our prom? So they cancel our prom, but don’t cancel our senior portfolio/interviews. That just makes absolutely no sense to me and just thinking about the fact that they couldn’t postpone our prom but found a way to postpone our senior portfolio/interviews makes me want to throw a fit as if I was a privileged 6 year old spoiled kid. At the moment I’m currently questioning myself if my anger is justified or if I’m just being a selfish little…….you get the jist. I understand that there are people out in the world who have found themselves being affected by this pandemic in far worse ways and I don’t want to in any way compare my situation to anyone who might be dealing with the far worse scheme of things by expressing my anger. But, at the same time I don’t want to keep my emotions bottled up so I decided to write it down in this journal. In addition my siblings really tried to kick me out the other day. Could you believe it? These little kids are all younger than me and they really packed up some of my clothes and tried to get me to leave. I hope it was all in fun and games and that’s not how they actually feel. I guess one positive outcome from all the craziness is that with being home quarantined with my family it’s a big reminder to me that no matter what happens family’s always going to be there no matter what.

Voice No. 2:

Yesterday it was announced that our senior prom, the night that I have been looking forward to ever since I was in kindergarten, has been cancelled. I know that the world is facing bigger problems right now, Covid-19, and it may sound selfish but i think it’s safe to say that the senior class of 2020 is filled with anger. Why us? Why now? There must be something we can do. We deserve our prom after all this boredom and at home work. All we have left is to pray and hope things will return to its normal state sooner than later. Today is my first day off from work this week which means i have more time to do my school work YAY! (that was sarcasm) lol anyways hopefully people stop being selfish and stay at home today.

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